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This year’s squash coaching results from Werder Rackets have been most rewarding. Dave Dela Rue achieved his A grade and just kept improving all year...more

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Head ATP Gold - 4 Ball

Picture of Head ATP Gold - 4 Ball
The iconic Head ATP Ball - preferred not only by Andy Murray for its liveness and ability to reach maximum spin and control - now comes with additional and unrivalled durability.


Head Championship - 3 Ball

Picture of Head Championship - 3 Ball
Top all-around performance and durability.


Head Smartsorb Dampener

Picture of Head Smartsorb Dampener
Tennis Shock Dampner


Head Wristband 2.5in

Picture of Head Wristband 2.5in
100% cotton for maximun sweat absorption and extra comfortable feel. 2 per pack

From $12.99

Head Wristband 5in

Picture of Head Wristband 5in
100% cotton for maximun sweat absorption and extra comfortable feel. 2 per pack

From $19.99

Head Anion2 135

Picture of Head Anion2 135
The Anion 135 Teardrop is a slightly heavier version of the Cyano 115. It comes with a 335mm balance point for great manueverability . On top of this the racquet offers ultimate power for every shot on the court.


Head Djokovic 12R Monstercombi

Picture of Head Djokovic 12R Monstercombi
The largest of the range holding up to 12 rackets. Made from high-quality materials and the latest innovations such as climate control technology.


Head Djokovic 9R Supercombi

Picture of Head Djokovic 9R Supercombi
Slightly smaller than the Monstercombi, but still offering plenty of space holding up to 9 rackets.


Head Extreme 120

Picture of Head Extreme 120
The Head Extreme squash series is the perfect blend performance and value for Club level players.The durable racquet features a unique teardrop shape for more power, which makes it the perfect choice for the aggressive front court club player.


Head Graphene Touch Instinct Junior 26inch

Picture of Head Graphene Touch Instinct Junior 26inch
Constructed for power and control in younger hard hitters, this performance junior racquet has the right attributes for aspiring juniors. Ages up to 12.


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